I’ve LITERALLY been trying to write this blog post for over a month. Now I know why I couldn’t.

A few days ago, I attended a fabulous meditation and intuitive reading circle hosted by Corey Callaway Intuitive.

Fear & anxiety was just one of the topics that Corey spoke about, touching on how they relate to our AWAKENING… to the endless possibilities of the Universe…

She said (and I’m boldly paraphrasing, here) that fear & anxiety are innate human traits, coded into our DNA from the dawn of our existence for survival purposes. But now, centuries later, we are far beyond the need to run from predators. And yet, we’ve retained our tendency towards fear. Corey went on to say that this FEAR within is what is propelling us to our various awakenings….

BAM. Yes, yes, yes, yesssssss!

This was a major home-run for me, sitting there in that audience because THAT is the exact concept that I’ve been trying to translate for weeks. That our Humanity and Divinity are perfectly balanced, even if we don’t feel it. Our fears & other dynamic emotions are not cause for shame, because they are, in fact, propelling us further into the realization of our own Divinity!

Granted, there are plenty of things in this world that can incite that primal fear that’s still within us, however, the circumstances around us have changed. Evolved. And we, at the level of awareness that we are at right now, can help us evolve around that fear. We can’t know for surely sure, but it’s likely that primitive folks weren’t sticking around to contemplate and meditate on the fears they were feeling inside their bodies.


Let me step back for a moment and talk about how much I truly love this quote. I don’t know who wrote it or where it came from, but every time I see it on social media, I need to Like and Share. Not only because it’s 100% true, but because I need to be reminded of it every. single. time. We all do.

Because when things get tough or when we fail or experience pain, we take it out on ourselves… as punishment.

But, my dears, this just isn’t so.

To take away all pain, suffering, struggling would be to sacrifice the definition of humanity itself. To FEEL and to BE is why we took up these flesh casing to begin with.

And, my glorious friends, my fellow light-workers, light-bearers… our very existence is what makes us amazing.

Yet, we’re the first ones who receive the blame. Why? Well, we are here to learn the way back to our own glory. It’s almost too simple of a mission to be true, but it is! Of course, that’s just part of the story… but it’s the core. Because, My glittery soul-searcher, why else would we subject ourselves to being human over and over again for any other reason?

Sometimes, we get so hung up on being GLITTERY that we forget we are also HUMAN…

A fabulous combo platter of dimensions, like a cosmic surf ’n turf.

In fact, my precious guides constantly remind me that most of what’s precious and real to us right now (those of us writing and reading this post) is happening in 3D, the human realm. And we ALL made a very conscious decision to BE in this realm… even if we’re also flickering and flashing our way through the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, etc.

AND! We keep coming back. Lifetime after lifetime, we eventually find ourselves back here in the third dimension. This is the Ego Realm, the Realm of Humanity. Things such as emotions or ego don’t affect us quite the same way in other realms. Hard as it may be to believe, we come here to seek out and experience pain just as much as we do joy.

The pure glory and joy of Humanity!

So, think about this today… or a few days… or a few weeks. Let’s all ruminate over how glorious we are, inside and out. Every twinge of anger, every moment of giddy joy.

“You’re so hard on yourself.
Take a moment.
Sit back.
Marvel at your life:
at the grief that softened you,
at the heartache that widened you,
at the suffering that strengthened you.
Despite everything,
you still grow.
Be proud
of this.”

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