This blog is here to explain a bit more about signs, and my weekly SundaySigns series.


What is a “sign”?

Have you ever felt stuck or uninspired as you struggled through a situation or decision, and begged the Universe or Higher Powers to give you “a sign”? So, what’s a sign, exactly? Well, it’s whatever you want it to be.

No, really.

Many of us have looked for signs throughout our lives without realizing it. A sign can be different things to different people; typically it is an object or occurrence that brings comfort and assurance that we are on the correct path in our thoughts and actions. A sign could be a song on the radio that you love, or that someone close to you loved. It could be a penny or a feather. It could be an image or phrase. There are no limits at all, and this is because your signs are as unique as you. That said, some people will indeed see the same kinds of signs (e.g., you and a friend might both acknowledge cardinals as a sign of a loved one), but its true meaning will be unique to you.

And signs often reoccur.

There are time when you’ll see a one-off sign, but for many of us, the signs we see will appear again and again and again. And, once you start acknowledging the presence of signs around you, you will most definitely see them more and more.

What is the #SundaySigns series all about?

Each week, I present a symbol or message to help guide and inspire you for the week ahead. These symbols and messages are selected by me, totally at random, with the intention of reaching exactly who they are meant to reach. They are not directed at anyone specific, though if the “sign” chosen resonates with you, then it is indeed for you!


Have questions? Want to share a meaningful experience with a particular sign? I’d love to hear from you!

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