How many times have we felt stuck and uninspired as we struggled through a situation or decision, begging the Universe, “Please, give me a sign!”

Well, here it is! Yes, this is the sign you’ve been looking for  😉

Today marks the first post in my new #SundaySigns series – each week, I will be offering up a sign, symbol or message to help inspire you for the week ahead. And trust me, it will be one of many signs you receive this week. Once you start opening up to the possibilities and synchronicities of signs, you’ll start to see them everywhere! But, a bit more on this below. Let’s get to today’s sign:


A Child’s Love from The Spirit Messages daily guidance oracle deck by John Holland.
Notable symbols: Music notes, butterflies, a feather, pennies, a rainbow, the colors green, yellow and orange.

Card message: The love between a parent and child is one of the most precious and deep connections we make during our life on Earth. Children start out as part of us, and from their first cries, they establish themselves as the biggest part of our hearts.

For some of you, I’m sure this is hitting home in a big way, while others might not be so sure. Sometimes the message can be a subtle one. For example, you might not have children. If that’s the case, consider that your pets, or even important creative projects in your life right now, can be considered children. Signs and symbols like this tend to follow the energy of the situation. You can also view this as a reminder of the special relationship you shared with a parent, grandparent or caretaker. I also interpret it as a way of showing love and connection to our own inner child! A perfect reason to show yourself a little extra self-care this week.

Or, if it’s not hitting at all, well, then that’s ok, too! Not every symbol or sign will make sense.

The thing about signs (no matter where or when you may see them) is that you’ll just know when they’re for you. Typically, you’ll feel a little jolt of connection and excitement when you see it – a shiver down your spine, hair standing up on the back of your neck, butterflies in your stomach, etc. And I guarantee that the next thing that happens is that your Ego is going to step in and say, “Nope, nope, nope. It’s not really for you. How could it possibly be? That thing there isn’t really what you were looking for.”

Egos can be such killjoys.

But, just breathe… and smile knowing that it IS for you!

Peace, Love, Light




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