How many times have we felt stuck and uninspired as we struggled through a situation or decision, begging the Universe, “Please, give me a sign!”

Well, here it is!

Welcome back to my #SundaySigns series – offering up a sign, symbol or message to help inspire you for the week ahead. And it will be one of many, I assure you. Once you start opening up to the possibilities and synchronicities of signs, you’ll start to see them everywhere! (See the first post for more).

Today’s sign:


Garnet from the Eternal Crystals Oracle Cards by Jade-Sky.

Notable symbols: 18, Garnet stone, red, heart chakra, sacral chakra.

Card message (from the guidebook): It’s time for you to reignite your passion and open your heart and soul to positive, committed relationships. Examine the beliefs you hold about relationships and identify and beliefs which no longer serve you. Make a conscious decision to let them go. In this way you make room for new beginnings and you’ll be more ready to embrace a chance.

Garnet attracts positive loving energy to you and your relationships. Feel your heart open with love and a sense of fulfillment. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to be happy and successful in a long-term committed relationship. You deserve to have a wonderful life partner who will be by your side through life’s ups and downs. This partner will be one hundred percent committed to you and you will be equally committed to them.

If you are already in a relationship that is positive, Garnet has shown up to reconfirm that you are on the right track. If you are currently single or in an unhappy relationship, Garnet asks that you stay strong and hopeful because there are some great things just around the corner for you in your relationship area.

Are you feelin’ the Garnet card? (If not, that’s ok.) The deep red of Garnet makes me feel of the holiday season – in particular, the nostalgia of celebrating Christmas with family and friends. Red is also the color most commonly associated with the first chakra, the Muladhara or Root Chakra, which could signify a need for more grounding in your daily routine. And I find it particularly interesting that Garnet itself is connected to the energies of the Anahata (Heart) and Svadhisthana (Sacral) chakras – it’s a bit of a perfect energetic storm. Grounding and centering yourself is the first step towards being balanced and focused in your self-love practice. And self love is super-important when it comes to building external relationships – whether they’re romantic or otherwise.

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