How many times have we felt stuck and uninspired as we struggled through a situation or decision, begging the Universe, “Please, give me a sign!”

Well, here it is!

My #SundaySigns series continues – each week, I present a sign, symbol or message to help inspire you for the week ahead. And it will be one of many, I assure you. Once you start opening up to the possibilities and synchronicities of signs, you’ll start to see them everywhere! (See the first post for more).

Today’s sign:


Three of Wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.
Notable symbols: Three, wands, cat, cross, stones, mountains, traveler, river

Before we get into the author’s meaning of today’s image, I want you to take a few moments to really look at the card; see what thoughts and feelings it invokes. If it’s stirring something within, take some time to write it down and note the date. (My impressions are below.)

Card message (from the guidebook): Explore, seek out the uncharted, expand your horizons. Take a long view of situations, and express leadership.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s explanation is short, but poignant. In general, the tarot suit of Wands represents fire: the element of transformation, movement, inspiration. Primal energy.

At first glance, the placement of the three branches here reminded me of an image that is often associated with the Christian holiday Good Friday. Christ was crucified on a hill between two other men, so the image of three crosses is prominent in many depictions of the this holy day. (And I was raised Catholic, so this is an image that I saw quite often.) With that in mind, my first thought when viewing this card was of the “cross” we all have to bear. At various points in our life, we all carry something that weighs heavily on us, body and soul.

What’s extra fabulous about this image, though, is that the third wand is in the hand of the traveler as she gazes out at what’s beyond – the road ahead. The future. She is so ready to take on whatever happens next. Two wands are in the ground, carefully placed there as if they are marking something she’s leaving behind. Past hurts or missteps perhaps. It’s important to note the significance of those markers. She hasn’t turned her back on the past, she hasn’t cast them off the cliff or burned them to the ground. Rather she stands proudly beside them, full of hope, and ready to take on whatever the future holds. And a loyal (seemingly feline!) companion stands with her, ready to take on the journey together.

As we wind down all that 2016 has been, moving forward into new energies, take this card as a sign for making positive changes in those situations that have burdened us. To let go. To be transformed by what they have taught us. And we don’t need to forget these hurts entirely (unless it suits you), nor should we build shrines to them in our hearts and minds. Rather, we mark their presence in our minds, a simple acknowledgement of them impact on our life’s journey, give them a polite curtsey or bow, and then MOVE ON.

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