How many times have we felt stuck and uninspired as we struggled through a situation or decision, begging the Universe, “Please, give me a sign!”

Well, here it is!

Each week, I present a sign, symbol or message to help inspire you for the week ahead. And it will be one of many, I assure you. Once you start opening up to the possibilities and synchronicities of signs, you’ll start to see them everywhere!

Today’s sign/symbol is:



For centuries, humans have looked up into the night sky and saw twinkling sparks of hope, promise and even magic. In reality, what we know as stars are actually “luminous spheres of plasma” that exist beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

But who’s to say that they aren’t truly magical?

We’ve admired them, wished upon them studied them, navigated by them and consulted them before we’ve made decisions in our lives. As symbols, stars are mysterious and powerful; they can be found in myths and folklore across the globe, dating back to ancient times.

(One of my favorite star stories is from Ancient Egyptian mythology; it was believed that each star was a soul – or Ba – of a person who has crossed into the afterlife, and stars could be seen from both heaven and earth.)

Images of stars can be found on a variety of objects, both decorative and symbolic, from birthday party décor and to religious vestments. Common star glyphs (like the emojis on your phone) are drawn with five, six or seven points. Images of stars also tend to be prominent during the Winter holidays.

What does this symbol mean for you? Well, when you think of a star – real or otherwise – what feelings does it invoke? Does it make you feel nostalgic? Hopeful? Empowered?

In Tarot, the Star Card typically read to represent hope, renewal, inspiration and serenity – many of the things that we tend to inherently feel upon seeing a star, whether we already knew the meaning or not. A star is also a sign of guidance; sailors and travelers have long followed the brightest star in the sky to guide them to their destination. Which also implies a deep level of trust in that sparkly ball of sky plasma  😉

So, when you see your star this week, stay hopeful and inspired, and know you’re gently being guided in the right direction.

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