This week’s sign is a bit of a giveaway, because it’s February – the month that most of the world has adopted as a celebration of Love – and hearts are absolutely everywhere! But, unlike most of the sign in this series, I’ve chosen the Heart with a specific purpose.

When you see a heart, any heart, I want it to act as a reminder of the beautiful, perfect heart that exists inside you. Not just the one that beats, but the Heart that is at the center of your being. Your sacred Heart Center… the Anahata, your Heart Chakra. Your Heart Center connects your physical and spiritual bodies; it is, essentially, the gateway to the divine Love energy that you carry inside you. That Love energy is always there within us. We may not always feel it, if our Heart Center becomes blocked or off-balance, but that energy is always there. It is the same Love energy that exists in every being throughout the Universe. That very energy connects you to all things, and all things to you. We too easily forget how powerful we truly are, and how we can accomplish amazing things in this world simply by accessing the Love we carry within.

Not only do each of us have the power to access that Love energy at any time, but we have the power to send and receive, it too.

Take a few moments now to feel this Love within you. Place your hand on your chest, at your heart center, close your eyes for a few moments, and just breathe… allowing your body to quiet and the energy to come surging through.

Did you feel it? Even if it was just a tiny spark?

Try it again with me, but this time, think of one person or place anywhere in the world where you’d like to direct that Love energy. It can be anyone, even yourself. Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine that energy flowing out of you, traveling through space… across the miles… and reaching their Anahata. Warming it, charging it up with your Love and Light. Releasing their fears and anxieties, maybe just an inch, maybe more. The best part of this Love exchange is that it goes both ways. Meaning the more Love you send out, the more you open your Heart Center up to receive. Amazing!

So, this week, this month, and always… whenever you see that image of a heart – whether it’s on a card you’ve received, a shape that you happen to notice on the side of a building, or hidden in a group of puffy clouds on a sunny day – let it be a reminder to you of that tender and limitless power that you hold within you.

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