Today’s sign is all about water energy… it reminds us to slow down, relax and go with the flow.

25. Larimar (Water/Ocean – Throat Chakra) from the Eternal Crystals oracle cards by Jade Sky

Guidebook message:
This beautiful Larimar crystal is her to give you a sense of peace and tranquility. Feel the relaxing energy surrounding you now. Larimar is connected to the sky, and to water and the ocean.

A soft nurturing water element crystal, Larimar encourages you to spend more time near the water. You may like to visit a river, lake or pond or even the ocean [rain, too!] – any of these will help you reconnect with the water element energy that you need right now.

When you go to the water, feel all of your tension and worries being washed away. Breathe in the fresh air; listen to the sound of the nature surrounding you – the waves of the ocean, a running stream or the wind rustling the leaves of nearby trees.

As you listen to or watch the water flow around you, imagine that all of your worries or concerns are being swept away with the water. You are being encouraged to go with the flow in all areas of your life. Relax and throw all of your expectations and all need for control out the door. Enjoy the freedom of flow and acceptance in your life.

**This flow and release will help you to access and balance the energy of your throat chakra, as well. Feel the freedom that the water brings, and allow it to charge your communication center… and let you feel confidant in speaking your truth!

Notable signs: Larimar, water, ocean, throat chakra, 25, communication, release, the color blue, energy flow

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