I channeled the following message on June 26 shortly after I heard the phrase “It is safe to accept what is happening” spoken in conversation. Though I no longer recall the context, the energy of that simple phrase was enough to instantaneously to open the channel to Spirit, and the following guidance was transmitted as quickly as I could type. These words hold sacred power and significance not only for myself, but for all who are called to read it.


Accepting our current situation doesn’t mean “giving up” or “giving in.” You can choose accept the experience – even if it is not what you have been hoping for. Realize that all things happen in divine time. And, the life you’ve been manifesting and co-creating so diligently is on its way. That new and vibrant and abundant energy is already THERE. But, in order for us ALIGN with this new energy, we must first TRUST that it is waiting for us and that we are worthy of it. We must connect with ACCEPTANCE, knowing that the Universe is leading us to exactly what we want, despite what we see right in front of us.
The path to this ACCEPTANCE can be found in the energy of ALLOWING. Trust in your guidance that this path is safe. It may not feel entirely safe, but this is the Ego – the conscious self – reacting to what we have learned to acknowledge. It is safe to Accept what is happening in your life.
That Fear and Change go hand in hand. Change and Transformation feel the way they do because you are literally shifting energy… from one situation to the next. Even slight changes in energy can be enough to flag the Ego, but TRUST TRUST TRUST that you are in Love and Light and you will always be safe.
The path to through this change, this Transformation, might require a clearing of current, stagnant energies… a separation of persons, places, or situations. It often requires a change of thinking, of how we relate to ourselves, and the Ego find Fear in this, because it only knows the self that it has built. The Ego resists these changes because it find comfort in being stagnant and reliable. But the Soul is what is craving the Transformation. The Soul is edging the Ego forward, like a child afraid of leaving mom and dad to go to school for the first time. The childish Ego has no idea what lies ahead, so Fear takes over. But Oh! If only it knew what fun is to be had. What learning and friendships and bonds and experiences awaited it. The Soul DOES know. And that is why, through the partnership of Soul and Spirit energies do we reach forth now to tell you that there is so much more to be had and shared and experienced if only you’d Accept this situation. Not accept, as if you’re giving in to it, defeated. But to Accept It, knowing that it is just one doorway through to the path you’ve been asking for. A moment of freedom in knowing that Yes, you are ready for the abundance that awaits.
Yes, I Accept.
I Accept.
I Accept.
I Accept.
Thank you.
And so it is.
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