♥ I’m an intuitive channel, spiritual conduit, and Free Heart.♥ I connect with, and channel, universal energies and deliver Inspired messages.

Definition: Of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse.

In my case, the external creative impulse is Spirit. Source. Universal Consciousness. The Divine.

I’m also a writer, lifelong “geek,” dancer and performance artist.

I’ve known the Universe around us was magic since I was a child. I knew I was being guided, but I didn’t quite understand how or why. Like you, my life’s path took me through many twists and turns – some I chose myself, some not. At some point, we all realize that the steps we’ve taken were not in vain, and that we have always been loved. That time is always NOW.

Whether we are fully tuned into it or not, we all receive these messages of love and guidance in one form or another. We never wander aimlessly through our life’s journeys. WE ARE ALWAYS GUIDED! My mission as a medium and channel is to help you connect with the guidance via the voices of your Loved Ones, Spiritual Guides or your own Intuitive nature.

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