Your soul already knows the answer. And I’m here to help you hear it, feel it and trust it!

Our life here on Earth doesn’t come with instructions – at least not the kind we’re used to. But, each and every one of us of is born with a built-in soul GPS: our intuition. And if that’s not awesome enough, we’ve also got our spiritual guides, loved ones and other universal energies on our side.

However, most of us are quite “tuned in” to what this energetic dream-team has to say. That’s where I can help!

I’m able to connect and channel Soul Energies – including your spiritual guides, loved ones and Higher Self – to bring forth messages that will bring clarity to your life. Often, my own personal guides help out as well, because they’re just cool like that. All guides work in Love and Light, and they work together!

Really, though, the goal for any session we have is all about YOU. To connect you with your true self – your Intuitive Self. I’m here as a conduit (and a bit like an interpreter) to give you a glimpse of your own highest potential!

Intuitive Channel – Open minds, open hearts! I begin each of these 60 or 90 min sessions with a short meditation, which I connect with your present energies to assess and seek out any blockages. From there, I open up to channel messages of guidance, healing and encouragement to you and for you from the higher realms of consciousness. 

Clarity Readings – My most popular session! Only 30 minutes long, these readings are designed to be ‘short and sweet,’ with a focus on a specific question or concern that you desire clarity on.

Oracle Card Readings – Oracle cards are a favorite spiritual ‘tool’ of mine. Like the Clarity readings, these are meant to get right to the point. These readings can be 15 or 30 minutes long.

Guided Mediation – Get comfy! In these 10 minute sessions, I guide you through a brief meditation to calm and focus your energies. These can be stand-alone or added onto to any other service.

Private sessions can be made available for small groups (2-6 people). I also offer workshops in Inspired Writing, Intuitive Awareness and Dance for small-to-medium size groups, as well as private coaching sessions. Please contact me via the form below for more information.

All messages are received in Love and Light, and shared for the highest good of all concerned!

Payment and cancellation policy: Though reading and sharing with you is an absolute joy, please understand that it is a business for me, as well. PayPal is my preferred method of payment. All payments MUST be received within 48 hours of your scheduled reading. If not, I will reach out to you ONCE as a reminder within 24 hours of the reading. After that, you session will be canceled. If you cannot make a reading or need to reschedule, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance.

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